Top Tips For Moving Home

The excitement that comes with a house move can soon be scuppered by the impending packing and unpacking that is to come.

However, it doesn’t have to be a dark cloud hanging over your head. With a little bit of organisation and a decent removal company behind you, a lot of the stress can be taken out. Have a look at some of our top tips for moving home.

1.       Packing items up for that big move is your perfect opportunity to start clearing out any bits and bobs you no longer need. Not only will this save on space and time, it helps prevent you from filling your new home with all your old clutter.


2.       When you’re packing any liquids away, such as cleaning supplies, make sure these are placed in a separate container or bag to any other items. This way you won’t have a nasty surprise when you open a bag to find spillage everywhere.


3.       If you have pets make sure they’re with friend or in a cattery or kennel when you’re moving. All animals react differently but keeping them away from the whirlwind that is a house move will help ease the stress and stop them escaping. Uprooting them from their original home and into a new one will cause distress to your pet, so make sure you read up fully on how to ease this process.


4.       If you have a large amount of books in your home it’s definitely worth placing them in a suitcase for easy transportation. Cardboard boxes aren’t strong enough to hold multiple books which could lead to the box breaking and books being damaged.


5.       Keep all your rooms separate when you start packing. Once the rooms all get muddled and multiple items get thrown in different boxes it makes the unpacking process an absolute nightmare. As tedious as it might seem, go through each room methodically and only pack room by room. You’ll thank yourself later!


All these tips are small things that help make the whole moving process go a little smoother. If you’d like to find our any more removal tips, we’re always available for a bit of advice and a helping hand.